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Product Description

CHIN FAH's professional blown film machine-HB Series


  1. HDPE/LDPE film.
  2. Screw and barrel have special surface treatment, wear-resisting, perfect mixing effect, with high capacity.
  3. Screw range from 45mm-60mm.
  4. Gear face ground has been processed by computer digital controlled and inspected.
  5. Elevator up and down type.
  6. Complete function and outstanding performance, high product quality.
Product Specifications

  • Extruder: Low base type, with grinded gear box, excellent design of die head with adequate pressure, smooth flowing high capacity, and special air ring for proper cooling and stabilizing.
  • Take up unit: With adjustable height take up tower and pheumatic pinch roller device.
  • Surface Winder:Special design of winder winding diameter is increase equip with adjustable gear rail cause more compact winding more even no offset and easy to operate.

 Optional Euipment

  1. Auto loader
  2. Film width controller
  3. Meter counter
  4. Surface static treater(corona)
  5. Embossing roller
  6. Air shaft
  7. Back to back(double) winder
Model YF-HB-40 YF-HB-45 YF-HB-52 YF-HB-55
Production HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Inflation Tubular Film  
Film Thickness HDPE: 0.008-0.10 MM  LDPE / LLDPE: 0.01-0.20 MM.       
Film Width 400MM 650MM 800MM 900MM
Max. Extrusion Output 35 KG/HR 55 KG/HR 65 KG/HR 75 KG/HR
Type of Extruder Low Base Type  
Screw Diameter 40mm 45mm 52mm 55mm
Roller width 500mm 750mm 850mm 1000mm

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