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Product Description

CHIN FAH's professional design of polyethylene recycle machine, reciclar, PE模回收機, OTR series. Suitable for recycle PE film, the granules is similar to the new one, because the die face cutting device.


  1. 3-in-1 feeding system: crusher+films in roll process device+feeding device.
  2. Material to be used: HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/PP.
  3. Suitable for factory recycle themselves-clean or washed film waste.
  4. Die face cutting type.
  5. Easy to operate, save labor cost.
Product Specifications
  • Crusher: Plastic Waste Was Fed To Compact Size Of Granulator And Chop Up Into Smaller Pieces, And Then Pump Into Waste Storage Tank By Build-In Blower.
  • Waste Storage Tank (Cyclone Hopper): To Store Small Pieces Of Plastic Waste Be Fed Into Cyclone Hopper By Build-In Screw Conveyor.
  • Screw + Inverter: To Convey Plastic Waste From Waste Storage Tank To Hopper. Waiting Until Full Filling Of Cyclone Storage Tank, Then Turn On Extruder. (Save Electricity.)
  • Forced Feeding Device: To Help Feeding Plastic Waste Into The Extruder Easily.
  • Hopper: To Storage Plastic Waste Will Be Fed To Extruder.
  • Venting Type Of Extruder: To Work With Ink Waste, Foamed Waste And Wet Waste. Vacuum Pump Is To Help Venting.


Model YF-OTR-75A YF-OTR-80W
Crusher+Blower+Waste Storage 
Tank+Air Disperse Tank+Screw+Inverter+Feeding Device+Mixer Screw+Force Feeding Air Cylinder
Raw Material Used HDPE/LDPE/PP
Cooling Type Air-Cooling Water-Cooling
MAX. Output 40-60 KG/HR 90-100 KG/HR
Die Head Type Die Face Cutting Type
Products Bean Type of Pellets
Screw 75mm 80mm


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