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Product Description

CHIN FAH's well disigned of PP thin sheet extruder, PP-45

1. Special design of the screw, high output, homo-geneous mixing excellent 

2. Whole consideration & optimum design, easy for operating and maintenance.
3. Standardize spare parts, easy to be replaced and easy to equip accessories, 
    such as auto loader, surface static treater(corona) or rotating die device, and 

Product Specifications
  • Winder: manuel two shaft type, equip with two high quality torque motors with stable torque output and adjustable winding speed.
  • Rotary Die: no material Leakage warranty!!!Special design of the rotating die device gives the product with even and beautiful surface. Applying high quality source connection parts, no current leakage, safety and easy for assembly.
  • Control panel: Equipped with high quality international standard electrical parts; More accuracy, easy to read and easy to operate.


Optional equipment:

  1. Auto loader
  2. Dryer
  3. Surface static treater(Corona)
  4. Rotating Die
  5. Back to back(double)winder


Model YF-PP-45 YF-PP-55 YF-PP-65 YF-PP-80
Main Product Polypropylene Tubular Film   
Thickness 0.02mm~0.06mm   
Width of film(mm) 100~450 300-600 400-700 500-1000
Productivity(kg/hr) 25~35 30~50 45~65 80~100
Extruder Down ward extrusion type   
Screw Diameter 45mm 55mm 65mm 80mm
Pinch Roller width 500mm 750mm 915mm 1100mm


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 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C-TKCPaJm0