Blown Film, Multiple-layer Co Extrusion, DL1

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Product Description
  1. DL-Series: three-layer for A-B-A/A-B-C different color plastic film.
  2. Clear and quality multiple-layer film.
  3. Strong and stable machine steel structure, films will not vibrate easily so product quality is high.
  4. Suitable for agriculture use, green house, cover crops.
Product Specifications
  • Extruder: Low base type, with grinded gear box, excellent design of die head with adequate pressure, smooth flowing high capacity, and special air ring for proper cooling and stabilizing. 
  • Take up unit: With adjustable height take up tower and pheumatic pinch roller device.
  • Surface Winder: Special design of winder winding diameter is increase equip with adjustable gear rail cause more compact winding more even no offset and easy to operate.

Optional Euipment:
1. Auto loader
2. Film width controller
3. Meter counter
4. Surface static treater(corona)
5. Embossing roller
6. Air shaft
7. Back to back(double) winder
8. Rotary device


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