ABA Three Layers

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Product Description

CHIN FAH provide series kinds of high quality plastic extrusion machine, and the ABA type is our most popular plastic extruder now, with the ABA three layers, you can produce high quality plastic film in a low cost.


1.  Use new material to wrap recycled material
2.  Save 50%~70% material cost
3.  SCR save power system, save 50% power cost
4.  Can blow two-color bags, two layers or three layers, this is a three-in-one machine
5.  Save space

Three layers A-B-A

Three layers A-B-A

Product Specifications




HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Inflation Tubular Film

Film Thickness

HDPE:0.01-0.15MM  LDPE:0.012-0.20MM

Film Width


Max. Extrusion Output

80~140 KG/HR

Type of Extruder

Low Base Type

Screw Diameter

55+55 mm

Roller Width

1000 mm

Optional equipment:

1.  Auto loader
2.  Air Shaft
3.  Surface static treater(Corona)
4.  Rotary Die
5.  Back to back(double)winder
6.  Embossing Roller
7.  Manual Flying Knife Device
8.  Auto Film Width Controller
9.  LDPE 200mm ABA Die Head+Air Ring
10.Meter Counter
11.Hot Slitting Knife