Pelletizer, Plastic Recycling Machine, 3in1, HNV-135S

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Product Description
  1. 3-in-1 design: combine with conveyor & shredding drum+extruder+pelletizer into one recycling machine.
  2. Material to be used: HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/PP.
  3. Perfect for clean or washed film waste, with high quality bean type pellets.
  4. Die face cutting type.
  5. Easy to operate, save time and labor cost.
Product Specifications
  • The waste film is automatically fed by shredding motor amperage, save the labor cost.
  • Special shredding drum design: energy and labor cost saving of up to 40 percent as compared to traditional machine systems.
  • Chop up, homogenizing, pre-heating, moisture density functions.
  • Increase output is obtained by feeding the material to the extruder screw which in turn will generate the required energy.
  • Water cooling circulation, vibration screen and catch tank: Pellets are selected by vibration motor with stainless screen.

Optional Euipment:
1. Metal Detactor
2. Storage Tank
3. Vacuum Pump
4. Seperator

Model YF-HNV-85 YF-HNV-100 YF-HNV-120 YF-HNV-135
Suitable Resin LDPE/HDPE/PP
Max. Output 150-200 KG/HR 200-350 KG/HR 250-400 KG/HR 300-450 KG/HR
Main Product Bean Type of Pellets
Cutting Type Die Face Cutting
Screw Diameter 85mm 100mm 120mm 135mm

Plastic Waste Film Recycling Machine


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